Future Studies

When we first looked at pulling together a major Spotlight on Innovation, our thought quickly moved towards technology. Now who could we talk to about the technology of tomorrow and how it is likely to impact on the workplace of the future? There was always going to be one man for the job.

Eastern Promise

A friend of ours recently asked if we were celebrating our 10th anniversary soon. When we told him that we’re already 16½ his jaw virtually hit the floor. ‘How did that happen?’ he asked. We keep asking ourselves the same question.


Leading acoustics consultant Rosalind Lambert-Porter tells us that we shouldn't make workplaces feel like libraries – it might not be noise levels driving you to distraction

Sea Change

Whilst walking through many a new workplace project we often think to ourselves that our greatest challenge is going to be how we do real justice to the scheme in what is a relatively short number of words. And size really doesn’t matter with the smallest of projects also bringing innovation and interest.

Seven Innovations that re-think waste

More than ever, companies are striving to minimise, eradicate, re-use and recycle waste that, once upon a time, was destined for landfill. With this in mind, global modular flooring manufacturer and sustainability leader, Interface, has highlighted seven inspiring innovations of 2016 that re-think waste.