Regional News

Our panel looks at the issues facing the hotel sector and assesses how the regional markets are overcoming the current uncertainty. So does the hotel experience differ outside of London?

What Makes a Project Stand Out?

BDG’s Andy Swann asks what it is that really makes that all-important difference. Not that he’s looking for an answer - he has a simple solution of his own.

The Big Question July 2017

Many of the projects we’ve covered over the past 12 months have one particular thing in common - fewer fixed ‘working’ areas. Are we now approaching the death of the desk?

Tribute to Glenn Vaus

Forme UK Design and Architecture has very sadly announced the passing of designer Glenn Vaus, one of the original founding partners of the practice

Material Matters July 2017

In this month’s Material Matters, the team of experts at Material Lab explores how subtle changes can make a big impact.

Ineke Hans

Leading British furniture manufacturer Hitch Mylius is unveiling its latest collection