30 Rocks

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One of the highlights of Clerkenwell Design Week, you won’t be surprised to hear, was our own fantastic 30 under 30 party – which celebrates the cream of emerging UK A&D talent. We invited along the class of 2019 (who were announced in our May issue), along with their bosses and previous ‘30’ incumbents, who joined our sponsors and the Mix team at the beautiful Morgan showroom for a drink or three. A huge thank you to our sponsors – Morgan, Allgood and Hunters Contracts – and many congratulations to the latest members of the Mix 30 under 30 club!


Being part of the Class of 2019, 30 under 30 is an absolute pleasure – I’m extremely happy and it was an amazing surprise so thank you very much”

– Maria Framis, Gensler



“This event focusses on the youngsters coming up through the industry. For us, that’s critical because we’re design-led, we’re specification-led and we have to keep that feed of relationships going with younger architects because that’s our future”

– Alistair Higgins, Allgood



“We got involved with the event because essentially I’ve seen a lot of the rising stars coming up through the industry. It’s been very interesting journey for myself as well and actually made quite a lot of friends throughout it. So it’s here to support the next generation!”

Lewis Harman, Hunters Contracts



“Being part of the 30 under 30 is a great honour because I wasn’t expecting it so it came as a surprise. It’s very nice and I’m glad that my hard work is appreciate.”

Mehdi Jelokhani, Perkins+Will



“Exciting, I didn’t expect it to happen to me. I’ve always been a keen collector of the Mix Interiors magazines and I didn’t think I would be a part of it, but I am! I’m really excited, really really happy.”

Kayleigh Tse, Cirkularis8



“30 under 30 is so important because of our up and coming staff. We have people who work for us that are so important and do a great job and it’s just a great way of recognising their talent, achievement and the hard work they actually do. It’s really important to us.”

Robin Lonsdale, Spacelab



It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to recognise the talent in our team – we have some amazing talent. Sometimes they might not get the profile or the press they deserve, so to see some of our team come through and to attend an event like this is fantastic. For them as individuals and for us as a business to recognise their talent is amazing 

Jamie Wilson, HLM 



The reason we want to support the 30 under 30 event is, first of all, to work alongside Mix, and secondly, to work with young people, because they’re the future. I think events like 30 under 30 are important to Morgan because it connects us to the design industry. But they’re also particularly important to young people, who are coming up through the industry, and can really feel part of it – part of a cohesive whole 

Rodney McMahon, Morgan