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Mixology Student Award

In association with The Furniture Makers’ Company and KI

Here’s your chance to vote for 2017’s Student Designer of the Year, in association with The Furniture Makers’ Company and KI. See the list of projects below, then place your vote at the bottom of the page

Project 1


Reuniting the consumer with craftsmanship, ‘Aktor’ can be morphed into various shapes, defined by the user’s immediate needs. Inspired by origami and kirigami, the material softens when charged with electricity. Its mesh-like structure can be pushed and pulled to transform shape, ergo purpose, returning to a rigid state when cooled to room temperature. The user engages with it to create an object without any technical or engineering skill.


Project 2

Lines TV Cabinet

The “Lines” TV cabinet was created to explore ways of integrating contemporary design with the natural beauty of wood. The clean lines on the front not only break up an otherwise heavy piece, but also allow remote control signals and heat to pass.


Project 3

Modular shelving unit

Introducing an interactive, modular storage system that finds inspiration from a natural form, and takes modern furniture to a new level. Detached circular units allow individuals to rearrange the piece, resulting in a more personalised product. With a sophisticated and stylish, neutral colour scheme, this piece is guaranteed to compliment any room


Project 4

Easy Chair

Influenced by a love of draftsmanship, geometry and architecture, I wanted to create a modernised take on a gothic style, which I tried to achieve with the black lattice and the inclusion of the brass inlay. Functionally, the wide arms allow space for a coffee cup or glass of wine.



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Closing date for the Student award is Monday 8th May 2017

The winner will be announced at the Mixology Awards which take place on

Thursday 22nd June 2017 at Old Billingsgate, London