7 Light Sources

We thought Faye Frankland from Enigma Lighting would know a thing or two about lighting – in fact at least seven things, hot from the success of London Design Festival and, more specifically, darc room. Here Faye shows her passion for her craft and offers a wonderful insight into some great products.

1. Arne Jacobsen Table lamp – Louis Poulsen

I know it’s a design classic, but it captures what I feel is the best way to approach design – a balance of simplicity and aesthetics. It’s something to aspire to.

2. 45 LC – CoeLux

I couldn’t believe this luminaire was artificial light after first standing beneath an installation at the Light and Build exhibition 2016. It is truly amazing and a true testament to how luminaire design has progressed. If introduced in the early stages of a lighting design, to any space starved of natural daylight, this would be a game changer.

3. Skim downlight – Erco

A classic and now a downlight?! Yes I know, but I have used this product on a few commercial office designs, for small and open plan spaces. It makes good use of LED and lens technology to produce a range of beams to use through a space, allowing for a consistency in luminaire language through a design and, of course, offers an alternative to an array of LED panels.

4. Babylone LED – Greenworks

A great feature pendant for any hospitality, residential or open plan office space, embracing biophilia, where the two key ingredients (all too often considered separately) are combined.

5. Sampei Floor Lamp  – DavidE Groppi

A beautifully architectural and graceful floor lamp, which also works well in atria and double height spaces, where power supplies and mounting locations are limited.

6. Macaron – Orbit Lighting

Acoustic luminaires can be striking too! Lighting combined with acoustic materials can help to solve a lot of problems within exposed ceiling, hard surface finish spaces and I feel that the Inox team are producing some of the more eye-catching designs at the moment.

7. Volta T – Estiluz

I love the geometry of the curves created by this feature pendant, moving luminaire design away from the geometric theme, which is quite heavily used at the moment. Placing this as a contrast piece amongst strong architectural or geometric lines could really shake  up the feel in a space.