7 Things that get on your Nerves

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We polled nearly 50 of our readers from across the workplace spectrum – from young to mature, and from the design and property sectors through to furniture and flooring – and asked them one simple question: What gets on your nerves? Although we intended to get solely workplace-related responses, we felt it was our duty to also include the most popular, albeit unexpected non-industry answers. It’s called democracy. Oh, and these responses are not our own!

Salespeople who over-promise and under-deliver  
‘I wanted my sample, it would have been nice to get it the next day but time and again I have to chase. Then they complain that we don’t make time to see them. I don’t wish to be rude or controversial, but it’s not the most challenging role.’

Project Managers
‘Don’t get me started. I understand if we stick to the RIBA guidelines, have great communication and clarity, then it all works. But I think some project managers take great delight in ‘value engineering’. I know we shouldn’t even call it VE – we should call it VD (value deterioration)!’

Having to Pay for Awards
‘As a marketeer I am asked to make sure we enter for everything. Whilst I agree that entering the right awards is important for our brand, don’t the events people need to get a good number and quality of entries to have an event? Then they have a ‘short’ list of 10 finalists! And then they have 25 awards! Why? To sell tables! It does my head in.’

People leaving their cars running in the station car park!
‘Actually, it’s a much bigger thing than someone doing their utmost to pollute (both air and noise) – it’s about the attitude. It’s about the selfishness. They know what they’re doing – they know the effects of leaving that engine idling. They just don’t care about anyone other than themselves.’

The Lad Brigade
‘Some men think they have to give absolute zero consideration to women on their team. That’s all well and good if the women are not sufficiently qualified but, surely to God, the fact that they’re not football fans shouldn’t preclude them. The best teams have a mix. Macho boys beware of the Ides of March – your time is coming!’

Not Listening
‘Anyone can make a mistake or miss something. If that is then repeated – despite constant reminders – you can pretty much guarantee that you’re dealing with someone stupid or someone simply not listening. And the two are not mutually exclusive! Ironically, most of the people we encounter who don’t listen are the ones too busy doing all the talking!’

Property Agents
‘In order to shift a property, some less professional agents will promise the client ‘You could do this for £80 sq ft’. By the time it comes to what the client really wants, they are already disappointed that it will actually cost £120 sq ft. Give someone a fiver when they are not expecting and they will be happy. Give them a fiver when they expect a tenner and they will be disappointed. Naughty property agents, take note.’