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Anthony Brown, BW

Which scheme do you feel most embodies the concept of ‘the office of the future’?

We were involved with a major consumer company with some 35 brands. It was a very interesting challenge from an office point of view. This is a very prestigious West End company who has moved into a slightly less prestigious area. The company employs 97% women and has a huge range of brands – from products your 14-year old daughter might buy through to products your grandmother might use. What was really interesting about the project was that it was the first time I’d been involved in a scheme where the technology disappears to the point where you don’t need IT people to work it.


‘The meeting rooms work off near-field communications where your smartphone senses which one of the 35 brands you work and brands that meeting room to fit your particular brand. If you think about the implications that this sort of technology can have – I know that when I do a presentation in my office, 99% of the time I have to get one of our IT guys to come an make the thing work. I don’t need electricians to come and help me switch on the lights – and it’s about time that I didn’t need IT people to make the basic functionality of software and hardware work. This last project is the first time I have seen this come to pass. It’s very, very clever. If you can imagine this working with a follow-you system, where your presentation appears on the screen when you walk into a room, it’s not hard to see how this can radically change the way we’re able to work.