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Katie Kopek, Development Director at JLL and Adviser to London & Partners on Regeneration & Development

Should London being thinking more about building upwards rather than outwards?

I think that densification is the way forward. It used to be gentrification – and now it is densification. I think there will be a need – especially if London wants to keep pace – to go denser, and easiest way to go denser is to go up. This is across all uses, including residential.

‘I think there are now more people who are prepared to live in this kind of environment. Certainly, the new generation has no problem with this. I remember the scariest day of my life was when I landed at Central London Poly – as it was then – and I went up to the 17th floor of the block, which is where I was to live. I was a country girl and I’d never been up that high! It’s part of what people do now.

‘This is already happening on a commercial level. We’re now seeing much more of an opportunity to build clusters of taller buildings. It might be less comfortable for everyone to see taller residential buildings – but there is definitely potential there.