Ask the expert

Josh Ward, Founder, Tala

New LED technology and the impact on the lighting business.

The lighting market has certainly been going through a rapid transformation in the last few years. LED as a key enabling technology for changes across the industry has been fascinating. As a young lighting brand, our mission is to showcase the intersect between sustainability, technology and design. The systemic shifts in available materials/components), new manufacturing techniques and speed to market with innovative design has definitely created disruption and opportunity.

At Tala, we’re pretty evenly split between being on shelf at the retail level with our LED designs and specified on the contract market.  I think at the consumer level it’s more about education and engagement with the benefits of new LED technology. The typical payback period on a Tala LED is around 9 months, so communicating energy savings alongside product design and experience has been key. Also consumer trust in a brands supply chain and performance is an important aspect in a world of choice and online buying. For instance, to account for our supply chain we plant 10 trees here in the UK for every 200 units sold.

Modern LED has evolved drastically, from the classic incandescent designs to Halogen to CFL through to early stage LED. Each iteration has had issues with quality, user experience and environmental impacts. I think we’re now at a really interesting juncture where the underlying technology is at a level where the very best bits of the original incandescent can be blended with the long life performance and design benefits of LED. This means that people like our Design Director Joe Armitage can really push the boundaries when it comes to product development. The new Voronoi LED collection we’re launching at designjunction during this years London Design Festival is testament to what is now achievable with new LED technology.