Click and Collective

Industry friends, supporters and clients enjoyed a fabulous three days at the inaugural Mix Design Collective in association with Bruntwood back in early December. A great turnout of guests immersed themselves in the live working zones created by our wonderful designers and partners, and also ensured it was standing room only for the vast majority of our superb programme of seminars, created specifically for the event. It goes without saying that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to those incredible teams and creative minds who made Mix Design Collective such a success – and a huge thank you should also go to all of you who visited – we hope you had a great time and gained some valuable insights into the trends and hot topics of the brilliant sector we’re all part of.

The three-day workplace design event, created as part of Mix Week Manchester, celebrated the best national and international product design, showcased in a series of live working zones, each curated by a leading design practice.

The six immersive zones were Heart Space, New Analogue, Health & Wellbeing, Engage, Escape and Smart & Connected.

The talented designers collaborated with our product partners to create one-off spaces inspired by the themes. 

The fascinating seminar programme, housed in FaulknerBrowns’ Engage space, included thought-provoking subjects such as The Future of CAT A – Not So Fancy After All, in association with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, a MixInspired event titled Coworking – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and the current hot potato that is WELL Building Standards.

We are currently working towards the 2019 Mix Design Collective – so keep your eyes peeled for further info in future issues. 



FaulknerBrowns Architects‘ approach was to illustrate how engagement is delivered on many levels – physical, virtual, psychological and cultural. In a modern workplace, there is much debate about the networks, codes and sequence that structure our working lives. It is these networks and codes that create the design rules for the built environment. With this in mind, the Engage space has been structured around a series of physical, virtual and sensory networks. 


“Good to have a credible design event in Manchester” 

“Great way to meet people in the industry, the seminars were very informative and
the exhibition rooms were great for seeing new products in situ”

“The idea could be expanded….. I enjoyed the seminars, the chats and the designs from the various practices”



The tp bennett Manchester team showcased their ‘place to escape’ experience at Mix Design Collective. This was a place that challenges the normal working environment. The team created an inviting, calming and multi-functional space away from screens and sedentary environments. The experience promotes wellbeing, giving employees a space to switch off, recharge and reinvigorate themselves. Each user, before they enter, can adapt the space to match their mood, including music choice and lighting personalisation.


“Great to have an event where different ‘brands’ are brought together (more like an actual project) as opposed to the usual ‘own stand’ scenario”

“It’s a great opportunity to learn from peers and suppliers within the industry”

“Great to see a variety of products, experiences and seminars! Didn’t feel like an exhibition as such, it gave you a clear visual of how products can be displayed in spaces. Excellent!”


Heart Space

Curated by Incognito, Heart Space is our live showcase environment for some of 2018’s most notable products from the Mix Design Collective partners. It provides a place to meet and relax between experiences, a place to interact with an exclusive collection of furniture and materials.


“New, quality, creative… just plain old good”

“Great event, well attended, with a good mix of people”

“I thought the originality of the designs was inspiring and very useful to see the different creations in one venue”


Health & Wellbeing

Designed by Hassell, Health & Wellbeing is a spatial experience. A series of chambers will highlight how the urban workplace can overstimulate our senses and affect productivity. But, through emotive design, we can influence a more mindful and adaptable experience to support wellbeing through choice.


“It’s not something that happens in the north often. Usually have to visit Clerkenwell for something similar”

“Fantastically immersive, like no other design event. Collaborative to the core, it was inspiring!”

“The zones worked very well and gave a good overview of products and services available.
The talks also had a good panel of speakers”

New Analogue

Designed by Gensler, New Analogue will see an entire space dedicated to human interaction and collaboration without the distraction of technology. The rise of the analogue office is forecast to become as important as technology, allowing for work to happen anywhere without the need for offices – other than for social interaction.


“Good source of inspiration in one place. Talks were interesting and informative”

“A great chance for companies within the industry to network and learn from one another”

“I would recommend. It was a great product showcase, giving great ideas on where design is going.
The seminars were also very on topic and gave great insight into current issues”


Smart & Connected

Smart & Connected, designed by Michael Laird Architects, is a space that will demonstrate how technology can be used to enhance the individual experience. Apps control the immediate environment to your personal preferences. A virtual reality pod tests how the future creative person can enter into their own zone. A variety of comfortable and ergonomically designed furniture settings help switch off the surrounding ‘noise’ and create an individualised bubble.


“It was an excellent showcase for new products and technologies, workplace thinking and design”

“I thought it was an original, inspiring and creative event featuring a great combination of manufacturers and designers. Great to have a design-led event in Manchester too!”

“Great to see new products and how they would be used”