Crown House

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Crown House was purchased as a poorly performing standard BCO spec empty office block on the edge of Sheffield City Centre, with the aim of converting and adapting the building to create class leading student accommodation for a strong local market. 74, the architecture, interior design and placemaking firm, was tasked with bridging the gap between hospitality and co-working spaces.

The ground floor amenity spaces have a sophisticated feel and offer the opportunity to study and socialise within an environment that feels both like a co-working space and a boutique hotel lobby. The social spaces are host to a state-of-the-art gym with on-demand fitness, a cinema, gaming and games areas, all with top end, integrated AV to help promote physical and emotional health and wellbeing amongst the residents.

The materiality within the spaces was inspired by Sheffield’s rich heritage. 74 wanted the interiors of Crown House to reflect the city’s industrial background, by taking influences from local contextual materiality such as red brick, to create warm and welcoming tones with an industrial steel edge. To add a ‘pop’ of colour, the orange of Hendersons Relish is used to give a cheeky nod to the region’s best loved and institutional sauce! Sheffield also prides itself on being a ‘Green City’ so, where possible, interwoven throughout is planting and greenery to promote wellbeing.




The lighting design, in conjunction with Enigma, creates pockets of space and highlights different areas without creating physical barriers. The lighting design gives the space the ability to transform between day and night activities so as to create a constantly active social space. 

Within the active/social zone the colours have a much brighter ‘wake up and go’ feel, as does the feature lighting. Using the deeper rich blue tones with cheeky bright pops of ‘Henderson’ orange creates a vibrant space with bold features. The Active Zone encourages users to keep moving, exercise and socially relax their minds, giving a welcome relief and place to let of steam after studying. Within the study zone much calmer, cooler blues are reflected in different surfaces and materials, textures and lighting. 

The overall aim was to create a warm hospitality-esque environment to relieve stress, and to create pockets of space for study and relaxing.