Desert Island Desk with Gurtake Singh

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This month’s castaway is proud Birmingham resident and Gensler interior designer Gurtake Singh.

1. My Turntables and a choice selection of the finest vinyl
I believe music is life’s emotional conductor. I also believe the most satisfying way to listen to music is vinyl. Thanks to my DJing days, each song now has a story attached to it, which more often than not leaves me with a smile. One never feels alone while music is playing and it teleports you to wherever you want or chose to be. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to have a good ol’ dance?dj

2. Trace paper and my Lamy pen and pencil
By the very nature of what we do, there is no better way of expression than to draw. Mark making and illustrating design and design approach is important to me. I find it therapeutic and a wonderful way of expressing one’s emotions. The tactile nature and quality of trace adds to the flavour – and with the beautiful stroke and gliding quality of my Lamy pen/pencil – will help me relax.

3. Thai Boxing shorts, boxing gloves and a heavy punch/kick bag!
I’m not one for football but have fallen in love with Thai Boxing! It’s a beautiful sport saturated with history, religion and excitement. If I’m feeling over-energetic, frustrated or just fancy an alternative means of keeping fit, I cannot think of anything better than popping on my gloves and shorts and ‘touching’ the bag.


4. Mac Book pro
I recently crossed over from PC to Mac…I used a family member’s Mac recently, after much resistance, and not only did it visually capture my attention, with its sleek aluminum body and slender profile, but the user transition has been effortless! The ability to express myself as a designer, but more importantly as an individual, is easy with writing, illustrating, composing and storing. Plus it allows me to keep in contact with the rest of humanity – which is important for personal sanity.macbook

5. A selection of Turbans
Those who know me, know I love to mix things up with a statically selected coloured turban. My turban is a clear and beautiful illustration of my religion – Sikhism. I will always be seen with my turban and tie it in my own unique style, which is further enhanced with COLOUR! Colour is important to me and this is perfectly evident through my personal expression.


6.  Hanging Lounger – Dedon Iconic
This is a no-brainer. Comfort and design all wrapped up into this beautiful droplet. Nestled and suspended amongst a beach front clearing, I cannot think of a more comfortable piece of furniture to sway the day away. Following a recent visit to a showroom, where this piece was installed, I immediately fell in love, and then shortly after fell asleep. The best thing about this is its multifunctionality. It’s a lounge ‘seat’ or you can relax back and put your feet up. One could sit and work with your laptop or, following a hard day dancing to music and ‘touching’ the heavy bag, kick back and have a little nap.