Desert Island Desk with Katrina Kostic Samen

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This month’s castaway is Katrina Kostic Samen, Founder and Partner of KKS and BCO President Elect 2018.

‘KKS is all about Style and Sensibility; we like to have fun! I founded KKS to make a difference in the built environment. We are all purveyors of touch, feel, sight, smell and sound. Great beauty is nothing if, when the fascia is peeled away, the core is hollow. My motto is ‘If you don’t ask – you don’t get’.’

Anyone who knows me well, understands that I couldn’t go for long without a very large box of Maltesers, especially the white ones. And if I was stranded on a hot desert island, no doubt they would melt, so the Maltesers will be gone in a hurry!

A girl’s best friend really is a pair of diamond stud earrings – this way I will always look fabulous even with little else! Nothing too vulgar so two carats each would do nicely!

A single bottle of white burgandy just wouldn’t be enough, so a crate of chilled Meursalt would be imperative (with a corkscrew of course). The wine would have to be rationed carefully and kept in a cool place – my first task would be to dig a deep hole in the shaded sand to stash the bottles, maybe even with the Maltesers if they hadn’t been eaten already! Of course I could also take a case of Puligny-Montrachet too.

My Pepsi Rolex watch, bought in 2004 to celebrate the start of KKS, would be my item of practicality – to tell the time and date of course, so I know how long I have been castaway, but also to offset my diamond studs and look fashion forward and ‘on point’ while swimming with the fish!

My pride and joy analogue Olympus OM1 camera would be my constant companion. Its history dates from the early 70’s, when it was used by a National Geographic photographer, and then given to me when I went off to university to study architecture. I take photos of everything as inspiration, and if I couldn’t have my smart phone with me (no power of course, which would be like cutting off my right hand) then photography will tell my story and record all of the crazy ideas I see and dream up!

6.  photo album
Finally, a photo album of my family and friends – to remind me of my loved ones.