Desert Island Desk with Tamie Adaya

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Tamie Adaya is an art patron, interior designer, Creative Director & CEO of Hotel Shangri-La in Los Angeles.

Her passion is ‘social architecture’, bringing together creative people from film, fashion, art, jewellery, music, design and literature to orchestrate and inspire social exchanges. She was honoured for her creativity, leadership and business achievements at The Los Angeles Business Journal 2015 Women Making a Difference Symposium Awards. The Santa Monica Conservancy awarded her its preservation award for an exemplary restoration of a  historical property following a $30 million refurbishment in 2008. Here are the items Tamie would wish for if stranded on our desert island.

My eyeliner pencil and red lipstick

It’s a multi-purpose tool. If I was stranded I could still sketch designs for the range of wallpaper and silk scarves I am currently working on. And my red lipstick has got to be in my survival bag. I mean, how are you supposed to be rescued when you’re not looking your best? A red pout truly makes any look instantly sophisticated and its multifunctional as it doubles up as a blusher. It’s a win, win.


This is another of my absolute can’t live without when stranded on a desert island products. And that includes shampoo, conditioner, styling treatment oil, smoothing serum and hairspray. Come on now…it’s only fair!

My Gucci pineapple sunglasses

Forget the lighter, knife or torch. If I was stranded on a desert island, my number one survival item would be my Gucci pineapple glasses. If I could only wear one pair of sunglasses for the rest of my life, it would HAVE to be my pineapples. I am no stranger to making a bold fashion statement, even if I was on my own, stuck on a desert island!

SPF 50 sunblock

I literally cannot live without it. My survival bag would be packed with it. Sunscreen comes close to my basic need to survive. Wait, did you say I can only bring one bottle?


Well he could sort out food from my favourite restaurants and drinks – I’d definitely ask him to make me a Tamietini – which is the signature cocktail of my hotel – it’s named after me so it’s full of passion with a little punch. Genie would also have to arrange for friends to come entertain me – so that is everything covered. I’m a woman who likes to be ready for all eventualities.

Bed with soft cotton sheets

We spend at least a third of our life in bed, so in my opinion, a good bed and sheets are like buying a Vivienne Westwood couture dress – they’re worth the investment. My sheets must be plush and baby soft on my skin – the butteriest fabric to laze around in when stranded on a desert island.

Magic Carpet

I love travel. It creates perspective. I always tell people to use travel to liberate yourself, transform who you are or affirm who and what you want to be. But with my magic carpet, I would be free to leave whenever I want! And return. So long as it’s a palm-fringed beach, with tropical blue waters lapping at my feet, I’d never say no to returning to a sanctuary, a safe harbour and a place where I can relinquish my quotidian concerns.