Desert Island Desk with Tina Norden

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Tina Norden is Director at Conran and Partners, a young and lively architecture and interior design studio based in London and Brighton. ‘I adore our great team – so ideally I would take them all with me but that defies the purpose of a desert island!’ Here’s Tina’s selection…


Classic iPod + Bose In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones
Given I am a forever castaway, there is not much need to take my iPhone, which I seem to be as addicted to as everyone else. So by banning emails and no need for Uber or any other worldly connections, I’ll take my beloved old school iPod that has our whole music collection on it – combined with my favourite headphones. Whilst I could take my KEF Muo speaker and blast the music out loud, given it is just me, there is no need to scare the animals –  and I love how the headphones can shut out the world when needed!

And it has to be the classic version with the lovely wheel – the design has never been bettered with any of the newer versions.


Havaianas Flip Flops
The classic black ones and a size or two bigger than regular size – the most comfortable summer shoes ever made. They are so well made and designed to fit the toes, allowing them to be firm and everlasting whilst being so comfortable, one almost doesn’t realise they are on the feet. And with the eternal sunshine on my island, no further footwear required!

Not the most original of choices but most definitely necessary – not sure if I could last very long without. Anything is good as long as it is not too dark – maybe Green & Blacks Sea Salt Milk Chocolate to suit the island theme! And it might have to be a crate to last for the rest of time…

Casio DataBank 50 World Time
The greatest watch ever made – with a brilliant analogue world time function that has served me well over too many years to remember, travelling the world for both work and play. It is simply fantastic!


Of course I could list any number of beautifully designed chairs to take with me but they don’t have much use on a desert island – even though, arguably, they would give me something to enjoy visually! A hammock is a much better choice and always makes me smile – maybe it’s the memory of holidays past? What better than to swing below a tree, preferably of the palm variety, looking up into a blue sky (my desert island will obviously be eternally sunny), foot in the sand (ditto) and the sound of waves (or my iPod) in my ears…

Moleskine + Ballpoint Pens
Whilst being on a desert island may make it unnecessary, I am a habitual list writer to keep myself on track, my mind clear and ensure I remember everything I need to. I also love sketching and making notes of things I see, hear, taste or want to experience.

So a lovely unlined black A5 Moleskine with a good supply of ballpoint pens is indispensable. A5 is the perfect size – any smaller and my slightly expansive writing and sketching won’t fit the pages and any bigger and it cannot be easily carried around.