Desert Island Desks

Franky Rousell, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Jolie Studio
Franky co-founded Jolie Studio, a Manchester based interior design studio, in 2017, and has already been listed as one of Manchester’s 30 under 30 entrepreneurs. Jolie Studio’s philosophy is based around human experience and memories, playing with the five senses. She has applied these principles to her desert island choices, with the emphasis on a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience.

My Drum Kit
I’ve always wanted to play my kit on an empty beach, in the sun, where no-one can tell me to be quiet! Plus, you never know, it could come in useful to ward off wild animal, or to sleep on if there is a storm and a flood in my little camp.

Who doesn’t love Swingball? I could kill hours just playing this, a 90’s classic that’s still going strong today. Also, again, a great weapon should it be needed – and who knows, the rackets might be great for hitting coconuts out of trees. It’s a

Mashed Potato
This is all I need to keep me sane. Gravy would be an added bonus, but not essential. Mash would see me through the dark times and would add to the great times.

Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily – a must have as a home comfort, and for generally just smelling great. Even if no-one else would be there to smell me, I would know how great I smell and that’s all that matters. A good fragrance to keep me motivated.


My Dog Chip
I wouldn’t go anywhere without Chip and, although he would probably eat all of the mash and steal the ball from the Swingball, I would forgive him. He would provide hours of entertainment and gives the best bedtime cuddles. He also loves swimming,  so I could train him to catch fish for me.

Giant Pretzel Lilo
Obviously an essential – a buoyancy aid with a great sturdy shape. I could also sleep on this or hold it in the air, like the lady in the picture, to attract passers by. Chip could sleep in one of the little holes as well. Plus, I do love a pretzel.

Multicoloured Umbrella Hat
I don’t understand why this hasn’t caught on as a go-to fashion statement. Granted, it’s not the most flattering look, but no-one would be there to see how fab I would look, plus it would free up my hands for fishing, climbing and just generally thriving. Turn it upside down, and you’ve got yourself a rainwater harvesting system. genius.

My tracks for the Desert Island Jukebox:
Gabrielle Aplin – Home
Blink 182 – Feeling This
Moby – Natural Blues
Beyonce – Drunk in Love
Coheed & Cambria – The Suffering
Camelphat & Au/ra – Panic Room