Desert Island Desks

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Tony Antoniou has been in the office furniture industry since 1987, founding Rainbow in 1990.
He has worked with many global corporate brands and SME’s over the years and delivering a successful project is still as exciting for him now as it was when he started.
Tony believes in long term business relationships, not short term profit, and the fact he has many clients who have worked with him for over 18 years is testament to the fact he delivers on that promise.

My Wife
I am not sure if I am allowed but my wife would be my first choice without question. I married my childhood sweetheart and we have been together for 33 incredible years now. She has given me three wonderful children and we’ve been through so much together. I can only really enjoy an experience or an event if I am sharing it with her.


Being half-Greek, eating is my life and a Foukou is what the Greeks use to BBQ. It’s a rite of passage that all Greeks must know how to prepare a good charcoal BBQ – gas just doesn’t cut it – to cook the perfect and most succulent food on it. Contrary to popular belief it’s not just meat we BBQ (although it is mostly!), we also use it for Haloumi, corn on the cob, mushrooms and fish – perfect for a desert Island!

Apple iPod Mini 2nd generation
Beautiful piece of design and engineering, it’s amazing. Whilst I appreciate the convenience and benefits of the new smartphones and tablets, I don’t like the fact you are always in touch and online. The iPod Mini holds so many songs, it can also catch videos, it’s extremely light and portable and it’s also very reliable. I have to have something to play my music on – although it will have to be via a cable connection!

B&O PLAY Beolit 15
This is a fantastic Bluetooth speaker. It has such depth of sound for a relatively small speaker. It’s so clear with great bass, is totally portable and it looks amazing. I often use this at home in preference to turning on the larger sound system, plus I can just carry it into the garden. I love it!

Pen and Paper
So important to keep my sanity and being able to write things down helps you feel better, whether it’s your thoughts, your feelings, drawing, making lists, writing a novel, making a diary, making notes of things to do or things you’ve done, playing hangman or boxes with my wife – if she’s allowed on the island…and, of course, how can I put a message in a bottle without a pen and paper? Sadly, it will most likely be a plastic bottle that washes up on shore!

Pack of Cards
Even with all today’s tech gadgets and computer games, I never go away without a pack of cards. They don’t need charging, are instant and provide hours of fun. It’s always better with two or more people of course but there are so many patience games you can play, so even if my wife’s not allowed to join me, they can still occupy my time. I made a point of ensuring my children appreciate the joy a pack of cards can bring and we are always playing card games at home – not for money though!

Large Maglite LED torch
If I am being practical then I can’t go away without one of these and I think they make the best torches. Well designed, so easy to hold, very bright, plus they are extremely sturdy, so I can use it to dispatch the fish once I’ve caught them – ready to go on to my Foukou. I have tried to think about this!


I love reading books, especially when I am away relaxing. I’m not the fastest reader but if I’m trapped on an island then I’ll have plenty of time and so will need plenty of books. Totally impractical to take a lorry load, much better to take a single Kindle, which will provide me with loads of material. I’ll be sure to load up a couple of Bear Grylls books before I go because they will definitely come in useful!

My tracks:
It’s extremely difficult for anyone to narrow down 50 years of listening to music down to just five tracks. I have spent a long time thinking about it and got nowhere, so I decided to write them down quickly instead!
Samuel Barber – Agnus Dei, Adagio for Strings (choral version) – Probably the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. Everyone knows the original but this piece proves that the human voice is the most wonderful instrument on the planet – when used properly!
Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock – takes me back to my school days.
Coldplay – Fix You.
George Michael (with Mary J. Blige) – As – my favourite male singer.
Sade – By Your Side – my favourite female singer, simply amazing.