Desert Island Desks

This month’s desert island castaway is I-AM Group Partner and Director of 3D Design London, Pete Champion.

1  Gibson Les Paul

My weapon of choice for ‘could’ve-been-a-rock-star’ fantasies, this object is not only beautiful to look at, but a joy to play. I’m hardly worthy to pick one up, given its significance in the history of music; from Les Paul to Jimmy Page and Slash – but it’s a genuine transportation device for the soul. I’m assuming that on the island I’ll be able to rig up some kind of solar powered amp contraption…

2  The Spitfire2013-08-10_Spitifre_0277_2400px

I defy anyone not to be uplifted by the joyful, primal sight and sound of a Spit. To me it’s so perfect – it looks animalistic: as if nature created it, not us. Absolute beauty in form through function, to say nothing of the freedom it helped secure for us all. Heck, if we arrange for a two-seater I’ll write a message in the sand and get my lift home in it.

3  Mondaine Watch000089218

Not sure how much use the time of day will be, but this one has the day and date on it, which might keep one sane, I guess, long after the iPhone battery has died. Since buying this watch, I’ve just never felt the need to buy or wear anything else. Its simple elegance and sense of proportion is perfection, in my humble opinion.

4  Victorinox Mini-Swiss Army Knife Keyring

My team will tell you how I maintain that, attached to the keys in my pocket, I have the key (ha!) tools for pretty much every occasion – bottle-opener, the 50% discount key fob from Pizza East and my Victorinox. I fully envisage being able to construct my island home and create all the mod cons I need with this little bit of design genius.

5 Sabatier Knife

Although, as I’ve said, my little Victorinox should meet most requirements, it might be nice to take a longer blade, mainly for preparing my sashimi, but also just in case I need to get primal with bears or anything (where is this island anyway?). There are lots of ‘high design’ knives around, but for me none can improve on the iconic Sabatier.

6 Tolomeo Lights from Artemide by Michele De Lucchi

I haven’t filled my home with by-the-book ‘design classics’. It’s nice to explore with an open mind and (I hope) a decent eye, but the Tolomeo family is part of the set-up. I like all the sizes; the Mega is superbly flexible and the light quality is warm and lovely when dimmed. Look-wise, they’ll be an unusual contrast to the rustic vibe of the island, but we all like a juxtaposition.

7  Bottleshowershower

One of the retired partners at I-AM, Tim Jeffrey, invented this brilliant product, which could make a huge difference in disaster zones or your typical summer festival (the ablutions scenarios in either amount to the same thing). Plugged into a bottle of water, it optimises the flow and makes it last so much longer than just pouring – it’s hard to believe. Brilliant for the world and ideal for staying fragrant whilst marooned.