Desert Island Desks

This month’s desert island castaway is Dan Callegari, Design Director London at Area Sq.

1  Yellow Trace


If you speak to my team it’s the one thing that is attached to my hip permanently. And it’s said that opportunity starts with a blank sheet of paper, so why not make it yellow! Not least I find it provides a versatile canvas with limitless options as a roll or by using a series of layers. And if nothing else, that little bit of theatre you get when you make your tear at the end of your journey, only to start upon the next.

2  Peaceful Warrior Book by Dan Millman

To help me to maintain a different perspective to the more obvious ones applied to the craft of interior design. To appreciate every moment; to view the journey toward a goal as more meaningful and significant than the attainment; to pay attention to that which we are doing. To ask, ‘Where am I?’ ‘Here.’ ‘What time is it?’ ‘Now.’ “What am I?’ ‘This Moment.’

3  1957 Porsche Speedster


Why wouldn’t you if you can? It’s beautiful.  And, depending on the size of the island, ‘pretty useless’, although it’s a design classic that is a work of art from every angle and I’m pretty sure that whether I’m sitting in it or beside it, it would make me smile. Of course, you could also say that should the need arise, the soft top could be fashioned into a sail and the tyres into some sort of floating device and/or ballast.

4  Barbara Hepworth (a book of carvings)


Her work exemplifies Modernism and in particular modern sculpture of a time. She tended to measure all gesture, movement, proportion and rhythm either as properties of sculpture or as significances of human behaviour. I like the contrast of simplicity and yet complexity, and find the compositions she created enchanting.

5  Ray-Ban sunglasses  (Justin Classics)


For protecting the two gifts that are my eyes.  With over 75 years at the top, holding an iconic place in the world of eyewear, they are bold, fun, and also have a timeless, aesthetic foundation and appeal. Their versatile styles of frame and material use help them maintain their rightful place. Mark Twain once said that ‘You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus’. I’d like to be able to continue to use both my eyes and my imagination and these help me with 50% of that ambition.
Not least, they will set off that Castaway look beautifully.