Gurvinder Khurana – Desert Island Desks

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This month’s desert island castaway is Gurvinder Khurana, Director & Co-founder at Align.


Slow-Chair_webThe Slow Chair

I’ll be spending a lot of time looking for passing ships on the horizon, so I’ll need a great chair – and what fits the bill better than Vitra’s Slow Chair? Comfortable enough to sit, sleep, read or loll in and so elegant too. I love everything about it, but particularly the woven style and the two-tone colours, which remind me of all the beautiful silks I grew up around.

tumblr_lt0500MBtS1qcwiu0o1_500A Lifetime’s Subscription to VOGUE

A monthly parachuted-in edition of VOGUE Magazine will punctuate the long wait nicely. I’ve always loved fashion and my design style has often been influenced by the nuances of fashion tailoring, styling, colouring and by the strong images created by leading-edge fashion photographers, especially people like Nick Knight and Tim Walker.

Scaramanga's_Golden_GunWoman with the Golden Gun

I’d definitely need a gun for protection and the only real contender is British movie classic Bond villain Scaramanga’s Golden Gun. The component parts would all have uses – a pen to write my novel with and a cigarette lighter to light fires for cooking and warmth. I don’t smoke, so the in-built cigarette case would have to find another use. Storing gin maybe?

Crane8820-19Cast-iron frying pan from Crane

I love to be creative when I cook and I’ll be mixing up my diet with fish, seaweed, berries and fruit. I’ll need a very hardy pan to cope with the environment. Designed by Barnaby Tuke and made in Picardie, these super-resistant pans originated in commercial kitchens and have great green credentials to boot – no lead or Cadmium and they’re made from 30% recycled materials.


Solar-powered iPhone

Naturally, I’ll be out of range for calls, but with a solar-powered-battery it’s the iPhone add-ons that would see me through: a torch (indispensable); a camera (already thinking of the story rights for when I get back), but most of all the MP3 player. I’d keep the playlist simple – Prince for the morning, Bowie for the afternoon and a spot of Coltrane for those long, lonely evenings.


Rescue Outfit
On a day-to-day basis, I’d be living in board shorts, especially a really practical pair with pockets for everything. But I’ll be saving one perfect outfit all the while for the day I’m finally rescued. The key elements? A classic 50s sundress, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses and just a hint of Marilyn’s favourite – Chanel Number 5 Premier.