David J Holt – Desert Island Desks

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This month’s castaway is David J Holt, Director at seventyfour architects.

did-pen-011  Ajoto pen

I like to draw and being one of those organised sods I also like to write lists and my brass pen by Ajoto ( A-journey-to) is the perfect drawing tool. It was designed by a friend of mine, who set out to create a beautiful pen, something ordinary, but elevate it to become luxurious without it feeling too special to use. The pen is very minimal but has real attention to detail in it’s craftsmanship. Being brass, the pen gets better with age, like all good things.

img_35072  The Leuku knife

A quality knife would be essential and with presumably an abundance of quality fresh produce literally on my new doorstep I’ll be doing a lot of cooking. This knife from Leuku is designed to serve as a hatchet, a butcher’s knife and a machete, just in case I need to get my inner Gordon Ramsay on with any unfriendly critters.

camping-chair3  Camping chair

I love furniture and have thought long and hard about which design classic I’d take with me to relax in – but when it comes to outdoor time there’s only one. So, sorry Arne, but I love my camping chair. It has a brilliant design that makes it cartable and even has a handy drinks holder to save you pouring your drink all over yourself when you fall asleep. Like most things I like, the humble camping chair epitomises good design and simplicity.

sonos4  Sonos

I love music but can’t play an instrument and think I’d go mad without anything to listen to. So if the dessert island had electricity, this is what I’d take as it has a very neat design, great sound and is easy to transport. I guess I’d need my iPhone as well. Maybe if I started a party, more people would come…

did-whiskey5  Caol Ila

So another day in paradise is drawing to a close, the fire is lit and I’m sitting in my camping chair. Apart from having my family with me, at this point I’d love a good whisky and for me, this is it. This distillery in Isla has produced a highly crafted single malt since 1846, which in my humble opinion has an intriguing, smoky taste. It is perfectly suited to a bit of reflection whilst looking at the stars with the sound of the sea for company – until the revellers arrive, that is!