Desert Island Desks with Barry Jenkins

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Established in 2003 by designer Barry Jenkins, UK design studio BroomeJenkins’ philosophy is that ‘the design of a product is very much a collaboration between designer and manufacturer, where both parties work towards a shared objective that results in products that are useful, attractive and commercial’. Applying these principles to our desert island, Barry thinks he will need things that are useful, and if they are also attractive, it is a bonus – but commercial no longer applies.

La Maison de Starck

In order to build a shelter, we will seek direction from Philippe Starck. In 1993, mail order specialists 3 SUISSES collaborated with Philippe Starck to create a set of architectural plans for a build-it-yourself timber framed home. Starck worked with architects Patrick Bouchain, Loïc Julienne and Jean Marie Mandon to design the building and plans were purchased in a numbered presentation box.

Richard Sapper Coffee Maker 9090 for Alessi

With great coffee, we need a great coffee pot! Rejecting capsules in favour of the traditional pot for making good espresso, Richard Sapper designed the 9090, which became one of the the early design icons for Alessi when, in the 1980’s, they planned a new direction for their long established company, making flat-ware and hollow-ware. It’s not just about the looks, the spout is non drip and the wide conical base captures maximum heat – no doubt from the fire made of freshly gathered coconut husks.

But First Coffee

We are extremely lucky in Chichester to have several artisan coffee roasters on our doorstep, including Tides Coffee. Owners, Sarah and Ben, have a simple aim; to source and roast great tasting, ethically traded speciality coffee and make it accessible to everyone – we need to see if this applies to desert islands!

1966 Adjustable Chaise by Richard Schultz

With plenty of time to spare, we would definitely need somewhere to relax in the sun and work on generating some melanin. If you are going to absorb some UV you need a stylish vehicle to facilitate this and there is no better version of the sun lounger than the Richard Schultz chaise for Knoll. Designed in 1966, although it looks like it comes from 2066 with its minimal elegance, it’s the perfect product to make you look sophisticated whilst lying prone in your Speedos. It’s our island. This situation could only get better with a chilled glass of…

Message in a Bottle

We may need to escape from our island or encourage others to join our beach party. To do this we will need a suitable receptacle for our message – what could be better than a bottle from our local distillery, Chillgrove Gin?! Of course, we must start by enjoying the gin! Traditionally handcrafted and distilled with natural mineral water filtered through the chalk Downs which surround Chilgrove, this gin celebrates Sussex-grown botanicals.

Solent Sunbeam

Any island dweller would need a mode of transport. Ours would be the classic one-design day-boat, designed by Alfred Westmacott in 1922, built on the Isle of Wight. Designed specifically for sailing on the Solent, the Sunbeam’s graceful, elegant lines combine performance and style. A large flotilla can be seen racing between East Head and Hayling Island, close to Chichester.

Hog Roast

We’re probably hungry by now – all that lounging works up a healthy appetite. We need a Hog Roast on floury bap with roast pork, apple sauce and CRACKLING! from the Chelsea cafe in Bath. This establishment was just up the road from our client Herman Miller’s old factory. We would often break up a meeting for lunch at this fine local eatery. So good it would bring a tear to the eye. Shame HM couldn’t have devoted a section of their amazing new factory in Melksham to this purveyor of porky pabulum.