Desert Island Desks with Emma Green

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Emma Green

This month we’ve cast Perkins+Will’s Emma Green away on our desert island. Here are the things she’d like to have with her – and also her additions to the recently installed Desert Island Jukebox.


A well-stocked cocktail bar. Best to start with the essentials and extremely important to stay hydrated in the sun.

Running gear

Yep, I’m that bore! I started running because you can do it pretty much anywhere, even a desert island. It helps clear my mind and, most importantly, it doesn’t involve the gym!


At least one notebook. Sorry to be clichéd but I can’t function without a notebook. Sketching, doodling, making list after list, I’m not sure if I’m forgetful or disorganised (potentially both) but, either way, I can’t survive without one.


Plus a solar panel power pack (obviously). I picked up photography when I became too lazy to paint – and it sort of took over. It’s an obsessive, creative outlet, or perhaps I’m just a bit voyeuristic?


Plus a solar panel power pack (there’s a pattern forming here). I’m entirely addicted to being connected – family, friends, work, music, news – all that information at your fingertips is just too much to leave at home.  I’ll just need the island WiFi code please!


Last but not least, my bed. I’m afraid I draw the line at attempting to sleep in a hammock!

Jukebox Choices

Where Is My Mind? – Pixies

Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Running on Faith – Eric Clapton

Feeling Good – Nina Simone

Insomnia – Faithless