Desert Island Desks with Jamie Wilson

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Jamie Wilson is Associate Director of HLM Interiors. Jamie heads up the interior design team at HLM and is also Director of the group’s interior design studio, 33 Interiors. Having worked for almost 20 years in the industry, he would welcome some much needed rest and relaxation on a desert island. Here are the items Jamie would take along with him to make the experience that much better!

Rotherham United Shirt
Having watched my first game when I was four years old, I am still yet to find a better way of relaxing and ‘getting away’ from it all than watching my beloved team, Rotherham United (even though we are not very good!). To be stranded on a desert island not being able to watch my team would be particularly tough! So to provide a small amount of comfort I would most definitely take my Rotherham shirt to wear on a Saturday afternoon!

Irn Bru
Coming from a Scottish family, as a child I had no option other than to drink Irn Bru (on special occasions!). Now fully addicted, I can confirm that the orange nectar really is better than any medicine! A quick swig can re-energise your day and increase your creativity tenfold, and on the odd occasion when I might have over-indulged the night before, there is no better remedy to help the recovery process – I’m sure it’s because it’s made from girders! It’s hard to imagine life on a desert island without an Irn Bru on hand to help in any situation.

Adidas Gazelles
Having a reasonably large collection of trainers, I would not like to be without a decent pair of treads! My first memory of becoming fascinated with trainers was wearing Adidas Kicks at primary school – they went well with my Farah’s! Over the years I have had many brands, styles etc – but I always revert back to my favourites – Adidas Gazelles. With an iconic look and unrivalled comfort, a pair of Gazelles would be a must need on the island.

Sauvignon Blanc
At the end of a long hard day, there is nothing finer than to sit back with an ice cold glass (or two) of Sauvignon Blanc. As I get older my appetite for a good glass of ‘Sauvi’ seems to be getting greater and with the days on a desert island being long, hot and tiring, a glass/bottle of wine would no doubt be equal to winning the lottery!

My music collection
I have it on good authority that there is a record player on the island – so with that in mind, I would have to take along some of my record collection! Being on my own, I thought it best that I take the music which influenced me when I was younger so I could reminisce on an evening (probably with a glass of wine – see left) and maybe even have a dance – because there would be no one else there to laugh at me!!! Growing up in the late 80’s early 90’s, I was lucky to have some fantastic bands producing some fantastic albums at that time – and to this day my music collection is still influenced by this era of music.

As with the record player, I have been led to believe there is a fantastic television and DVD player on the island (very fortunate) and, as such, I would take one of my favourite films with me to watch every now and again. There are many I could choose from and it’s a tough decision – but Scarface would come out on top. One of the best films ever made. Although a little dark in places, to sit with my Rotherham top on, drinking a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, watching Scarface as the sun sets on a desert island is not far from perfection for me!