Desert Island Desks with Rosie Richardson

This month we’ve cast Gensler’s Rosie Richardson away on our desert island. Here are the things she’d like to have with her – and also her additions to the recently installed Desert Island Jukebox.

This would help in building a series of treetop Ewok houses, with the assumption that there would be trees on the island. I’d love to be high up and have great views. Using the roof as a raft would be my back up plan.

Pen and paper
I’d want a pen and paper to sketch with. I’d use this to sketch up the ‘Ewok Land’ designs before building it. Then it would be great to sketch every day to keep my mind busy. As a designer, it really is a great way to explore design ideas.

To kick about and exercise with. I don’t play football but I’d have a Bolton Wanderers branded one and dream that my team were back in the Premier League. It could double up as my ‘Castaway Wilson’ if I get lonely.

Spotify and a sound system (solar powered).
I love listening to loud, fast music. It gets me up in the morning, it chills me out when driving and it speeds me up and focuses my mind when I’ve got a deadline. I love to travel and salsa music is high on my list whilst on the beach.

No explanation needed really but I’ve recently started drinking gin and love both Yorkshire and London brands. I’ll admit that the design of the bottle does usually sway me.

Polaroid camera and cartridges
I am snap happy and take pictures every single day. I’d be happy enough to be low tech without my phone – but I’d love to document the area and take a sunset picture every day.

My partner Rob
He would be great at catching, foraging and cooking. When camping, he loves starting fires so this would keep us warm. He would greatly improve my chances of survival and be a great companion before we grab an Ewok roof raft and escape.

My tracks for the Desert Island Jukebox:
Missy Elliott – Work It
Macklemore – Thrift Shop
Black Eyes Peas – Pump It
Rudimental – Hot Right Now
Chase and Status – No Problem