Desert Island Desks with Simon Jesson

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1. My guitar
For years, I’ve been meaning to learn, but only really reached the grade of air-guitar…and even then, was out of tune/time! I’d use the quiet calm of island life (survival aside) to learn to play.

Hands of a person playing an acoustic guitar


2. Coffee with Louis Kahn
They say never meet your heroes, but it would be good to meet and talk about some of his projects that have influenced architectural thinking even 40 years after his death. I love the attention to detail and use of materials, so perhaps while we’re at it, we should relocate the Yale Centre for Art to my remote island too, for a closer inspection.louis kahn

3. Twitter
I love the randomness and connectivity of Twitter – you never know what avenue the day is going to take you down. Whether that’s architectural inspiration, politics, commentary on the F1 or photos of cats/the moon…I think it’s a great way to connect to (and filter) the world, and you can always turn it off occasionally.

4. Eames Chair and Footstool
One of the design classics. I think my island should come with a bit of style, in combination with item 6. I might have to wait until I’m on a desert island, or the kids have grown up and I’ve retired…but it’ll be worth it.eames

5.  A DAB radio
Our studio has a plentiful supply of music, during the day…so sketching, and developing designs and office life comes with a soundtrack – though the sound of lapping waves on the shore might be a beautiful accompaniment, a bit of absolute 80’s and the occasional sound of Test Match Special would be a great friend indeed.dab radio

6. An Aston martin DB9
An Aston Martin DB9, quintessentially British, one of my favourite cars (not least because of my James Bond fandom). Not so good off road, so my desert island should have a winding road similar to that found in the Brecon Beacons on a crisp autumn morning.aston-martin

7. Wood Stove
Quite simply one of the best things we’ve put in the house recently – the smell of the wood, the crackle of the fire, the instant heat, the glow of embers in the still evening air…. perfect!wood stove