Historically Innovative

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Creating heritage aesthetics through modern methods Darren Clanford, Creative Director, Johnson Tiles

What we produced at Johnson Tiles 100 years ago is fundamentally the same as what we create now. We make great tiles. The difference lies in how we make them.

The core needs of our customers, both in the residential and commercial sectors, have also remained largely the same since 1901 – ultimately, they want a tile that’s of high quality, long lasting and design-led.

In 2018, our most popular ranges also retain a very similar look to those produced over a century ago, with features associated with traditional craft. Our Savoy range, for example, boasts effects that rely on ‘imperfections’ to create the desired finish.

Rather than accidental, these sought-after details are carefully considered. In order to recreate these ‘consequences’, we have adapted our modern processing technology to produce controlled shading, recreating the much-desired variegated style.

Having invested a great deal in our factory’s technology over the past five years, we are able to produce tiles like Savoy, as well as product to all manner of specification, even if it includes traditional methods.

So, for instance, to create tiles from our Minton Hollins range, we adapt the existing processes of our innovative machines to increase and decrease the respective glaze weight on the tiles.

Johnson Tiles, Savoy range

These traditional tiles are inspired by the subtle variegated effect found on those popular in the Victorian era, which is essentially attributed to the inherent variation of tile processing of the time, that of hand glazing the biscuit tiles and differential heat work on firing, attributed to hot and cold spots within the ‘box’ type intermittent kilns of the period.

Adapting our modern day processes to ensure this effect, our team used our cutting-edge machinery to produce the same results found in the early 1900’s. At Johnson Tiles, we are not only focused on the latest in innovative technology but on the beauty of having many decades of experience.

This makes us extremely proficient and able to push new boundaries with established processes. Plus, our collaboration with an array of creative minds – from artists to architects – provides the challenge and stimulus needed for this continual development.

Although trends change with the times, our wealth of expertise, combined with our investment in technology, means we can adhere to any brief or specification, whether inspired by the past, present or future