January 2017 Material Matters

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In this month’s Material Matters, the team of experts at Material Lab explores more organic, natural materials for eco-conscious designs. www.material-lab.co.uk


ALUSID turns televisions into SilicaStone
ALUSID is a UK based manufacturer specialising in architectural surfaces made from up to 100% recycled materials. Crafted from recycled television screens, vitrified porcelain and glaze waste from the tile industry – ‘SilicaStone’ is born. Driven by a belief that architects, designers and manufacturers must become increasingly sustainable, ALUSID has developed a new material that reduces our environmental impact without compromising on design.

Hotel Icon reception

modulyss Handcraft collection transforms waste into raw materials
Inspired by nature and organic imperfection, carpet manufacturer modulyss has created a unique product from recycled fishing nets. Cleaned of foreign objects, the nylon 6 element is recovered and transformed into a virgin raw material. Together with other waste materials, this creates Econyl yarn, which is used to create the pile fibre.

BuxkinExploring the elements with Buxkin
Comprising recycled leather, natural latex, pigment and adhesive, Buxkin is a 100% natural product. The inherently tactile surface and earthy hues embrace our need to connect with nature and move away from mass-produced perfection.

Adam Davis

Adam Davies utilises recyclables for sustainability
Product designer Adam Davies has created a unique surface finish from seaweed and recycled paper, which can be used for anything from lampshades to internal wall cladding. With acoustic properties, the biomaterial is 100% sustainable –  adding warmth and nature to our everyday lives.