July 2017 #176

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The logo

The inspiration for the logo was to highlight the importance of the ‘interior’ within a space. The letters create a cubic outline to an internal area, in the middle of which is a floating circle that pins the composition together, literally ‘dotting the i’. The cube itself is just simple lines, which, when multiplied and placed on an angle, creates the borders. The design borrows from 90’s/early 2000’s digital graphics, but incorporates a modern palette and the warm tones of the HASSELL orange.


The cover image

Johnson Tiles’ Subway Lab is dedicated to creating architectural shapes that convey the illusion of dynamic movement. Turning simplicity and sophistication on its head, a variety of 3D surface effects transform interiors. Available in seven colours, 11 shapes, two finishes and two sizes, the range of glazed ceramic wall tiles allows for endless creativity.