Material Matters

Banker Wire taps into its manufacturing heritage to create stylish woven mesh

Established in 1896, Banker Wire manufactures a wide range of woven and welded metal mesh for architectural applications. The small scale twin inter-crimp pattern elegantly refracts light, creating an ever changing surface. Available in a host of different alloys, the mesh can be used for partitioning, feature areas, internal railing, furniture and even lighting.




Alice Percy-Raine draws on architectural structures to create unique surface design 

Textile designer Alice Percy-Raine draws on architectural structures to form a playful, rhythmic and tactile surface that allows the viewer to connect through their sense of touch. Possessing a deep understanding of material characteristics has allowed Alice to use a range of different materials, ranging from seagrass cord to silicone foam tubing. Alice’s current collection works perfectly for internal feature areas, partitioning and even possesses noise reduction properties, making it ideal for a plethora of environments including offices, retail and high end residential projects. The use of seagrass cord creates a more structural and rough effect in contrast to the soft and woolly merino wool, allowing for a more decorative, yet three dimensional, depth to her pieces. 




Subway Lab Canale by Johnson Tiles plays with light to create bespoke finishes in every installation The Subway Lab Canale product plays with geometric angles to reflect and refract light. Nine different angular ribbed designs work in synergy to create an elegant surface suitable for all internal wall areas. Ceramic manufacturer, Johnson Tiles, intended for the different designs to be laid randomly, ensuring a unique surface every time, regardless of whether it’s in a residential kitchen, commercial bathroom or retail feature area. 




Odette Smaldon makes a hand-constructed textile consisting of laser cut acrylic circles Odette Smaldon is a designer and maker specialising in constructed textiles, inspired by a passion for making and craftsmanship. Odette’s current work utilises laser cut acrylic and plywood shapes, which are manipulated and repeated to create intriguing textile surfaces with both malleable and structured properties. The materials hold playful and interactive qualities, highlighted by the transparent and light reflecting components alongside solid bright and bold colours. The innovative joining technique and use of elastic creates an intriguing textile surface with multiple interior applications and potential for alternative material combinations.