Material Matters

In this month’s Material Matters, the team of experts at Material Lab focus on products that combine natural and synthetic materials to create design-led surfaces.

Top: Shahar Livne Design
Lithopast is inspired by the geological process of metamorphism, which focuses on new materials that are emerging. The Israeli designer envisages a future without plastic production – but where we look to repurpose this new metamorphosed ‘Lithopast’, using it in all walks of life. It is a sustainable clay-like material that has been put together using the incineration designated leftovers from the plastic, mining and stonemasonry industry. Lithopast can be used for sculptural handmade products and, potentially, interior design applications, which are currently being tested.



Naturewalk from British manufacturer Flowcrete forms a seamless and slip-resistant bonded gravel system, designed perfectly for outdoor areas. Naturewalk offers a range of natural stone aggregates bonded in a solvent free polyurethane resin binder, designed to ensure that walkways and external concourse areas reflect the natural beauty of the outdoors.



Savoy Floor
Savoy Floor is a contemporary range of glazed porcelain wall and floor tiles featuring a rustic concrete effect field tile and a selection of co-ordinating geometric patterns. Each of the designs within the range can be used on their own or can be combined together to create a patchwork or zoned areas. Whatever your choice, Savoy Floor offers endless creative possibilities.



Hara Media
Rakha Singh has developed a unique fabric made from pure copper metal thread and polyester or silk. The fabric can be produced to any design or pattern and combines the sheen of pure copper metal thread with the softness of polyester or silk. The fabric is the result of innovative production techniques developed through Rakha’s extensive copper work. This creates a shimmering material that amplifies the effects of light and shadow. It can be applied as wallcoverings, upholstery, cushions and interior design projects.