Material Matters

In this month’s Material Matters, the team of experts at Material Lab explore sustainable materials inspired by nature.

Surface designer Sam Lander creates unique furniture from recycled polystyrene

Sourcing 100% waste polystyrene packaging from commercial outlets, Sam has discovered the amount of polystyrene that businesses discard on a day to day basis. The material is melted down in a chemical, which splits up the long chain of molecules in polystyrene, causing a physical reaction to take place. This transforms the material’s state from an air packed solid into a dense liquid form, allowing for a kneading process, facilitating the chemical evaporation into the atmosphere. As the material is very malleable in this altered state, it can be formed into various types of furniture but always reacts in different ways, creating a bespoke organic aesthetic. Each layer goes through a process of evaporation/compression and the polystyrene is layered up like a ‘ply’ to create a stronger structural material. Bonding the material is easy as it becomes almost like glue when its chain of molecules have been broken up.


Mayfair Granite introduce Calacatta Quartz

White Calacatta Quartz is a stunning addition to the Mayfair Granite quartz collection. Ideal for worksurfaces in any environment, White Calacatta offers the natural beauty and sophistication of marble but with the durability of quartz. Perfectly suited to modern living, quartz repels stains with ease and offers high resistance to scorches and scratches. This makes it an idea alternative for residential and commercial projects alike.


Sourced from household waste, Megan Swancott explores the idea of Future Mining

Fascinated by future materials, Megan has speculated on not only what these might look like, but what they will be composed of. Waste from Megan’s daily beauty routine and general household waste have been incorporated into her work to illustrate an idea of what the earth’s crust could look like in the future. Following the trend of ‘Future Mining’ and the era of Anthropocene that we are entering into, Megan has created a collection that illustrates how our waste and heavy use of plastic-based objects could affect our earth’s future. The collection is made up of layers of coloured concrete, resin and plastic waste. The waste is cast into the resin layer and then placed between layers of concrete.


modulyss draws inspiration from biophilia with Dawn

Dawn, from carpet tile manufacturers, modulyss, embraces the shifting and muting atmospheres of our galaxy with a radiating biophilic design. The organic patterned carpet tile, composed of regenerated ECONYL yarns, evokes an organic marble effect that lifts any commercial space. Dawn can be used in conjunction with sister range, Dusk, enabling designers to create a bespoke interior that is honed to the desired specification.