Material Matters

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In this month’s Material Matters, the team of experts at Material Lab focus on design-led texture and


Rusticork from Portuguese manufacturers Granorte is perfect way of injecting nature and natural hues into any interior. This incredibly textured product achieves a unique 3D effect that is perfect for feature areas and as unpredictable and unique as the trees themselves. Rusticork also has a great sustainability story – this cork product is natural, biodegradable and recyclable.



3Form turn colour and pattern on their heads with a dichroic interlayer, resulting in an ever-changing design aesthetic. 3Form Solar is a high performance eco-resin that is suitable for a wide range of applications, from partitioning to feature walls. The iridescent and textured effect is inherently tactile and creates an engaging surface that is bound to excite.



French-born Ariane Prin’s work comes out of experimentation and her desire to create new form and utility out of commonly disregarded waste materials. The RUST and RUSTILES ranges are created by mixing metal particles, originating from key cutting and other metalworking workshops across London, with gypsum and acrylic. No two items or tiles can be the same; each being made by hand and the metal dust oxidation giving a unique texture, colour and intensity.



I-MESH is an innovative material created for both internal and external applications. Its physical, technological and formal characteristics, together with its high aesthetical potential, means it is eligible as a proper architectural material. The versatility and flexibility enable specifiers to be creative with furniture, partitioning, lighting and scenography. Lightweight and strong, I-MESH is a multifunctional material that can be shaped to a variety of specifications, while also offering environmental sustainability, recyclability and energy saving.