Material Matters

As part of their monthly column, the team at Material Lab compile their favourite new surface designs and share the latest in material trends.

Distressed leather creates a deeply textured tactile surface by Pintark


The creative team at Pintark, in India, have produced an exciting new tactile surface inspired by touch and texture. ‘Foilage’ uses individual petal shapes, formed using supple leather, to create a heavily layered surface. This organic look is achieved using a free form technique, with each petal pinned by hand.

Staying on trend with aesthetic concrete from MASS


As the UK’s leading manufacturer of aesthetic concrete, MASS work with luxury brands, architects and designers — developing finishes and special effects for striking wall panels, external façades, floor tiles, signage panels and other unique architectural features. Within whites, creams, blacks, blues and other neutral palette tones, they work with a wide variety of aggregates — pigmented recycled glass, granites and marbles, even mother of pearl and stone. Great solutions for commercial projects.

Introducing the vibrant patterns and bold prints of Bobenna Designs


At this year’s Surface Design Show we got to know Jenna Coulthard, the exciting new designer behind Bobenna Designs. Her most recent surface collection focuses on contemporary craftsmanship and playful surface patterns, seeking to reinvent the traditional process of marquetry by incorporating contrasting elements to construct a complete image. For this collection, the look was achieved by using birch plywood alongside vibrant veneers and screen-printed textures, creating a playful experiment in design.

Equitone by Marley Eternit offers fibre texture alternatives for exterior surfaces


A mineral composite material with outstanding physical and aesthetic properties, Equitone by Marley Eternit provides architects with alternative opportunities to bring their designs to life. New for 2016, Equitone Materia encompasses the characteristics of cement, yet has fibre properties that produce a velvety textured finish, accentuating the beauty of this exterior surface design. The ever-changing atmosphere gives the material subtle variations of natural shades.