Material Matters

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This month the team at Material Lab compile their favourite products that offer a twist on traditional surface design.

Concrete LCDA offers a new lightweight approach to concrete wall cladding


Concrete LCDA specialises in lightweight concrete wall cladding. Available in a variety of textures and colours, Panbeton comprises a genuine raw concrete front, and ultra-light foam panel at the rear. This season, the company launches 10 new Panbeton designs in collaboration with six established designers and interior architects: Jean-Philippe Nuel, Jean-Marie Massaud, Ora Ïto, Terence Woodgate, Stéphane Parmentier and Victoria Wilmotte.

Plexwood takes inspiration from repeat pattern and optical illusions for Geometric


Geometric is a two-layer wood product that consists of a substrate featuring Plexwood veneer. The graphic patterns are made from natural veneer and are based on classic mathematical principles that are both at the core of Oriental mosaic art and architectural grids. With its repeat patterns, tessellations and M.C. Escher-like optical illusions, Geometric can be applied endlessly, on any scale and in every direction. Depending on the pattern, Geometric comes as one-sided plank, tile and panel,
with two veneer thickness.

Zoe Murphy channels seaside pride into furniture with bright and bold prints


Bright, bold pattern and seaside pride are at the heart of the products by Zoe Murphy Design. Utilising second hand furniture creatively, the designer applies original screen-printed graphics whilst restoring pieces both inventively and responsibly.
The hand-drawn patterns and colours, inspired by Formica-clad cafés and neon amusement arcades, specifically draw their inspiration from Zoe’s seaside hometown of Margate. Everything in the hand-printed furniture collection aims to deliver the message ‘love what belongs to you’.

Acoustic wallcoverings and dramatic architectural textiles by Anne Kyyrö Quinn


Anne Kyyrö Quinn’s sculptural textile creations bring dramatic architectural elements to both public and private spaces. In terms of appearance, they are more reminiscent of works of art than traditional textiles and have a dynamic vibrant tactile quality. The acoustic textile wallcoverings are handmade using sustainable 100% wool felt, making them an ecologically sound choice. All products are bespoke for each client, offering a variety of pattern structures and colour options.