Material Matters

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This month our friends at Material Lab are exploring creative materials that offer a new take on classic design. This selection of contemporary surfaces demonstrates fresh approaches to enduring styles and new ways of using traditional techniques.

Organic beauty of the sea inspires new Ensis tile from Giles MillerGMS-Ensis-tile2

Giles Miller Studio specialises in truly innovative surfaces and interiors projects. Originally inspired by creatures of the sea, the new Ensis tile fuses the signature Giles Miller Studio texture and concept with a more organic form. Featuring a sloping face with elegant detailing at the joints, this tile tessellates to create a graphic composition, while its individual appearance results in capturing the organic beauty of the sea.

Svensson create a new take on upholstery using traditional Scandinavian design150625-Svensson-238

Sweden’s leading manufacturer of contemporary textiles, Svensson has 128 years of experience in traditional Scandinavian fabric design and textile production. The new plain upholstery weight collection, ‘Rocks’ by Eva Larsson, has been developed primarily for the commercial interiors market to meet high demands for function, durability and timeless design. The pattern has been created in the vein of an oil painting, with a dark base and lighter tones overlaid. It is available in 30 colours, which are all made using Eco-label wool.

Fresh looks for technical upholstery in the leisure industry from the Designer’s Guild60941

Designer’s Guild is the UK’s leading lifestyle company designing and producing fabric, wallpaper, paint and home accessories collections worldwide. This season sees the launch of two new fabric ranges for the hotel and leisure market. ‘Maggia’ fabrics offer tailored glazed linen-looks, with subtle two-tone weave effects to create depth, in their signature deep and vibrant colours. ‘Tweed’ is a technical upholstery collection in classic wool tweed and linen texture looks. Smart modern colours create crunchy, contemporary plaid and soft neutral greys.

Unique decorative panels produced from recycled plastics with Smile PlasticsNewBottleMaterial_SmilePlastics_HighRes

Smile Plastics has been crafting decorative panels from recycled plastics since 1994. As well as creating bespoke commissions, they produce sheet products using everything from plastic bottles and yogurt pots to recycled chopping boards. Each panel is unique and laid up by hand, 100% waterproof and rot proof, making them ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications as well as exterior furniture and architecture. The products have been used in commercial spaces, high fashion boutiques and museums spaces all over the world.