Whilst most of our readers become involved at the end of the commercial interior “fit out”, we appreciate that understanding the very latest in the whole of the “Property Food Chain” is essential, therefore a key part what we deliver at Mix.

Each month our editorial is packed with a wide range of content designed to educate, inspire and amuse.  We do not create features designed specifically designed to sell adverts therefore you will not see a “chair” feature.  Our objective is to engage with readers giving them something of value in return for their time

The following is a summary of what we cover each month and the PDF link below will give you more detail

  • Upfront – This is our 100 word and image part of the magazine that will bring together some of the interesting stories from the previous month in one place. Examples include: company anniversaries, ownership changes, growth in annual accounts, new senior person, investment, significant win
  • Spotlight –  Our regular 15 page main feature covers a wide range of subjects from Innovation to Manufacturing and is broken down into: quotes, products, case studies, opinions, statistics, Big Question.
  • Shows – we cover a review or preview each month of the major exhibitions and shows worldwide
  • Case studies – At least two case studies are featured each month.  Written from the clients point this allows the reader to get an insight along with showing some of the latest trends and design applications
  • Profile – We focus on designers and senior A&D and in doing so give our readers a slightly different perspective of both them as individuals but also their work.
  • Desert Island Desks – Is written by a senior A&D professional allow us into their thoughts one what they would take to their very own Desert Island

Download the features list here

If you can’t find what you need through here, contact david@mixinteriors.com or 0161 946 6262