Mix Interiors 11

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Lillian Lochans, Premises Consultant talking about overcoming the remoteness of Edinburgh business park “It’s a part of taking care of the people. We run the shuttle to South Gyle station and there is a large shopping centre in the area – otherwise it’s a 15-20 minute walk, usually in snow, ice, rain – after all, this is Scotland, not London”

“From an educational point of view I’ll always that that computers are great, a fantastic tool, but they’re certainly there to aid the process. Sketching, drawing, appointing the quick fix that you can then have by making a model, the immediacy of it”

WHAT ANDRE TAMES LIGHTING DESIGN PARTNERSHIP (LDP) Commission by the Sydney Olympics “It is particularly difficult when it comes to dealing with the larger scale corporates than it is a design and construct project. That can be an absolute nightmare. The design team becomes divorced from the end-user…speaking generally you can always manage to bring the project in on time and budget – the variable is quality”