Mix Interiors 113

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Vice Magazine, Shoreditch ‘If you look closely, there’s no Vice signage or branding here. They have this huge wall of magazines – they speak for themselves. When people are coming into this space, they know who they are coming to see and why. It’s not as if these guys are trying to sell to anyone externally. They really didn’t want to over-complicate it.’ Richard Bray, Base Interiors. AND NOW In 29 countries. If you haven’t already, do have a read of their great disparaging feature on the Grand National.


Bronte Turner, HLW – Design Director ‘It was nothing like Summer Heights High – worst luck! We had lurid green uniforms – which didn’t do too much for my style! I didn’t hate the school, but I didn’t particularly like going to school. Arts and graphics were the only things I was really interested in. I had two older sisters who were incredibly academic and that made me want to rebel a little bit.’ AND NOW Bronte is now Managing Director at HLW UK.


Bene’s R-Platform ‘I think of the office as a living space, as individual as it’s user’s forms of work. Room shaping walls create closed or open areas and determine the structure of the work environment. They shield visually and acoustically, but their transparency encourages teamwork and interaction.’ Designer Johannes Scherr.