Mix Interiors 13

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Mick How, British American Tobacco, “it’s not a hot desking environment, people move around and form different groups. Because of the success of this project, we are looking to take some of the ideas back to Globe House. It’s typical of BATS attitude to new ideas”

Talking about her print and photography services for interior designers “We aren’t just selling what we have on the website, so if yo have a particular project and you want a painting or a sculpture in a particular area – especially in the boardroom or reception are, where high impact works are often required – we will source that work”

Asked why Herman Miller made the choice of a design with no previous furniture experience “That was the reason. Or at least part of the reason. I didn’t know anything about office future and I approached the issues with a fresh pair of eyes. …I think HM thought that if I can work with the Japanese, I can work with the people in Michigan”