Mix Interiors 17

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Scott Colman, Opus 4 “Korn/Ferry is an American company and they were used to typical corporate cellular offices, deep wood colour and were also based on different floors within he same building – so it was very disparate …they have really broken the mould with their new office – the way they’ve shaken off the old style, big office mentality is truly remarkable”

WHO! – Matthew Priestman Discussing the Concept Office
The key piece of technology at the moment is the screen .. most people are at the computer screen in one way or another and this will increase further. The Internet is likely to merge with the TV, so that were will be even better and more sophisticated imagery and there will be more interaction with the screen – and the screen will get larger and flatter

Gregory King Cochrane Mcgregor “ We were looking to strike a balance between the classical space at the front and the more modern space at the back – and having those two linked…Each of the rooms is names after a favoured British writer – Bronte, Kipling, Chaucer etc – as the result of an internal staff competition”