Mix Interiors 21

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Completing the finest set of interior projects ever seen, anywhere, we take a guided tour of L’Oréal’s fantastic new Hammersmith premises. Chris Brandon, Pringle Brandon “”as well as physical challenges, the project presented a number of cultural issues. Our original client brief was to move L’Oréal’s staff from five locations – generally in the West End, including Mayfair – to single premises in Hammersmith. This would de the first time – even for the Paris operations – that all L’Oréal’s brand would be housed under one roof. We needed to create an environment that worked for the more mature and up-market brand as well as the younger brands

Manchester and many more besides loves Ralph Capper. We head back to our roots to chat with the great man “Originally I worked with Manchester Architects Leach, Rhodes and Walker, who are still successful today. I developed my interest in design while I was there. After that I joined Hille as a contract furniture salesman – working from their new Manchester showroom, my brief was to call on the Architects in Lancashire and Yorkshire. I always had an empathy with the A&D community, I suppose I always appreciated the problems they were trying to overcome – some of their problems have always been based on trying to promote the idea of good design”

Young, vibrant and funky. We hit the always-happening Milan scene in the company of Antidiva’s wonderful Great Canevese “For me, the best architect was Eileen Gray. In 1929 she had the power to create something modern and contemporary using metal. How she worked with this kind of material! A lot of architects, when they become famous, can do something horrible and apparently its OK. For me the best yond designer of the moment is Konstantin Grich.