Mix Interiors 26

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Disco lights, chill-out zones and contemporary art – not what you’d expect from a legal practice. “Mark Dembovsky, Chief Strategy Office “We joined forces with Reed Smith – an East Coast law firm and then at the time we were already too big for Pickford’s Wharf” “We gave each of the architects a project to do. We wanted to see how they would react to working on a particularly difficult part of the building. So, each of them had an opportunity to come up with a design”

Jean Prouve was one of the major designer of the 20th Century, yes outside of his native France he remains largely unknown Jean Prouve’s daughter Catherine “The collaboration between Vitra and the family of Jean Prouve began in the year 2000, 16 years after my father’s death. Vitra now owns the exclusive rights to all of his designs”

WHAT Rackline
He’s an entrepreneur and he certainly has an opinion or tow. We manage to get a few words out of Brian Horan – the shy and retiring figure behind Rackline “I sometimes think that I am a crap time manager, that I don’t read enough and that I network enough. And I certainly never said that I clever. But I am proud that in 18 years I’ve never laid anyone off. As far as I’m concerned I have got 70 mortgages and 70 gas bills – I take my responsibilities seriously.