Mix Interiors 27

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Four-time World superbike Champion Carl Fogarty has now started his own racing team. We visit the new Burton headquarters of Foggy PETRONAS Racing. Sue Taylor, Special Project Manager “The space was almost dictated by how much we felt we could take off the workshop, then it was a case of dividing that space up. Obviously we were working with the architects, Rothera & Goodwin, who were wonderfully supportive when it came to getting the layout and the design of the offices right”

World renowned septuagenarian Danish designer Nanna Ditzel discusses her incredible career “quite a few people of my generation became fixed with one idea or another – just believing it was right if you know what I mean – whereas I am more included to want to do the opposite. I am more interested in think for myself and trying not to be influence by ideas of others” “Mostly I am thrilled by any designers who have done something different t what was there before.

Claremont’s Mike Gardner reveals the truth behind that Steelcase break “I don’t think they understood us. Partly , this was because of continual changes at the top – which meant we kept on having to re-sell ourselves to the senior people” “currently our turnover is in the high 20s and I would certainly like to see us at the £60m five years from now. To do that I am building a strong team and with people who share our core values of passion pride and integrity”