Mix Interiors 29

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WHERE – Pfizer
Mix head into the Surrey greenery to visit Sheppard Robson’s brilliant award winning scheme for Pfizer. Maria Hazard, Head of Facilities, Pfizer “It was quite difficult to recruit staff (for Sandwich). We work with agencies and did some benchmarking – every time we places an ad, we were getting significantly less uptake. This was mostly because people couldn’t get their partners and families to move there, and find jobs. So we made the decision to relocate, to improve our working environment, and also take the opportunity to change our working culture”

WorkStation MD Nigel Symonds might just be the industry best salesperson. He talks, we listen “This game is not about throwing as much shit against the wall as possible and hoping something sticks. …It’s all about focus, it all about selling to right people and it all about knowing and utterly believing in the message. The philosophy at WorkStation is very simple. The last time I worked in a furniture dealership was 15 years ago – in those days the dealer thin was pretty uncomplicated – align your business to one of the major manufacturers and offer the market a crystal clear message to that effect. These day the vast majority of furniture dealerships are also either fit-out, D&B or consulting companies. Not the way for WorkStation – good old-fashioned Herman Miller Dealer, no conflicts of interest, no bullshit, just entirely committed to work with the A&D community in Central London. Beautiful clean and simple

Who missed what? Who was the talk of Orgatec 2012 Wilkhahn – Modus, Havanna by Wolfgang CR Mezger for Brunner, Bulo – Double You, Boss Design – Spinbo, Wiesner Hager – Chat, Humanscale – M7 Flat panel Monitor Arm