Mix Interiors 30

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BONNY Scotland beckons as we take a look at Standard Life’s impressive new Edinburgh premises. Standard Life’s Senior space Planner, Colin Smillie “Its important to us that we look for quality and value. We operate in a competitive labour market, so the attraction and retention of staff is vitally important. Our view is that we must make Standard Life a good place to work, and the working environment is an absolutely key element of that. Because of this, we worked very closely with BDG McColl – in particular Nick Kemp and Anne MacLean – to ensure we go the interior scheme right for everybody”

Mix head to London to meet with WGI Interiors’ leading light Paul Frostick “I’ve always been technically minded, and went to a very good technical school. Dad was a lecturer in wood technology. He’d been a joiner and build Mosquito bombers in the war – and I always had an inkling id be an architect. My parents had a beach hut at Walton on the Naze – which was great for kids. On day…I came across a small estate of art deco buildings. I remember that as thought it was yesterday. I thought it was absolutely wonderful and I suppose it made my mind up to be an architect

Mix profile leading services provider MJF Group’s MD Andy Penn “….Steelcase were looking for people to join them from outside the industry to bring in some new blood. I went along and I thought at fist they were a bit American – too good to be true! The I met a guy who was the Regional Manager for London. I thought he was a nice guy, but pretty useless. If I count’ have his job then there was something wrong”