Mix Interiors 32

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MD Paul Simons takes us on a magical mystery tour – to ad land and Beyon “… where we work has to be a very flexible arrangement, because we’ve built up an association of half a dozen businesses – with us in the middle of it – but here are probably 200 people potentially that we could call on. What we need is an environment where one day 30 people can be sitting here and then next maybe on five”

Author Edwin Heathcote writes about the incredible career of one of the true icons of design. This rather extravagant elegance became a paradoxical pattern in Meis’ furniture. Always embracing the Bauhaus, Machine aesthetic, always functional, Mie’s Furniture nevertheless always looked elegant and generous. To us Tom Wolfes phraseology, more bourgeois than worker housing

Bootle boy Barry Scott explains his route to the top. And he’s still climbing “…it’s not what sell, it’s all about people. People buy from people. I also knew from the beginning that you have to give value. I used to service typewriters on a year’s contract for £3. That included four calls a years.” “ One day – as I always do – I was looking around at opportunities and notices that were only two companies in Liverpool selling furniture – Runnalls and Matthews. So I stared selling metal filing cabinets. I printed leaflets offering two, three and four drawer cabinets, and at weekends went to the Liver Building and all the other city centre offices. I posted a leaflet through every door …and the business came in. before long I was bringing in full wagon loads of Triumph cabinets”