Mix Interiors 34

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Mix trip to Warrington for a guided tour of AstraZeneca fantastic new home. Andrew Shore, Site Development Manager “It’s about optimising business performance, it’s about being fast and effective…With improved adjacencies you can talk quickly and spontaneously to get to the solution. The face is if your workstations are separated by distance then your likely to have to set up a meeting – losing speed and spontaneity”

When it comes to industrial design superstars, they simply don’t come any bigger than Niels Diffrient. Talking of his time in Italy 2My Italian was never fluent, and I suppose I felt a bit isolated. … Having said that my year in Milan change my life. Itw phenomenal, before tourist, so simple. My Fulbright paid a stipend of $2000 – and I lived off that. Italy was so inexpensive in those days that I had an apartment with a maid!”

Mix chat with prolific Spanish designer Gabriel Teixido “it’s funny to think that it’s now 30 years since I began to design… I stared painting when I was quite yound and always like to draw. The one day I stared designing lights – making them also. After a while I started selling them, although I was not making a lot of money… I really decide to stop…I was travelling on the underground one day and I had this lamp in my hand and the person in front worked for a lighting company. We stared to talk and the guy bought the lamp and design and started to produce it in his factory”