Mix Interiors 35

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Galileo is the organisation behind our travel transactions and information. Mix takes a trip around the company fantastic new premises. Elizabeth Harraway, Director of Marketing Communications “I think it was business efficiencies we were looking for, both in terms of cost and human resource If you’re trying to run a business and you’ve got people spread over five locations it actually very difficult when your wanted to be a cohesive head office unit managing the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa”

Mix chats to Mai Felip about travel, Kingston University and the rise of post-Franco Spanish design “This has been an evolution. I would say that Spanish design is becoming more healthy – and it has been sick for many years. For a long time, Spanish design because it was not well known internationally and in a certain way it was weak – had to make a big noise very much focusing on small things and not high innovation or high technology”

Mix take time out at Euroluce to talk with Aremide’s dynamic Carlotta de Bevilacqua “When I was 30 I discovered I had a passion for marketing and communications, so from my field of architecture I moved into brand strategy – the positioning of our concept. I love this because I’m involved both in project concepts and realisation….The role of designers is to design something better – it’s not just about styling and shape. It’s about designing for a better quality of life. Our position is not to show designers signatures – our brand values are about innovation, humanity and problem solving”