Mix Interiors 61

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London Central and London General Transport, Merton ‘Being a restoration of an old building, this was a very serious job with relation to controlling and ensuring that the final costs were within budget,’ PENSON’s Lee Penson told us as we walked around this converted pub. ‘It has been nerve-wracking at times, but the best part is that they love it.’ AND NOW part of the Go-Ahead group of passenger transport posted £3,215.2 million revenue in June 2015.


Gary Wheeler, Gensler Director of Workplace Europe ‘When I first came here I was shocked! Things that I talked to my clients about in the United States, that I thought were daring, are commonplace here. The only people we could get to consider some of these things were media firms and advertising agencies. In London, law firms are doing it!’ AND NOW Partner at WheelerKanik LLP based in Richmond.


Bulo’s philosophy ‘The type of products and projects we do are different from what the big manufacturers do,’ Bulo General Manager Bart Busschop told us. ‘They are not interested in 20 workstations. You do not always have to have 600 workstation projects with 70% discount – and we can’t compete anyway. My client is not buying office furniture. He is buying Bulo.’